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Senior Does


Equanimity's GLY Wynona

chamoisee with white

She is coming here bred to a handsome cou clair buck with blue eyes & Old Mountain Farm lines behind.  She is due late March/early April 2018!

Wynona's pedigree is: 

Parents: Old Mountain Farm Gilgamesh + Sage-Acres DOS Eastyn

Grandparents:  Old Mountain Farm Mithra + East Rivendell HK Laura P, Piddlin Acres Dash of Sage + Sage-Acres SHT Westerly Magic


Avian Acres WAL Natalie

*Natalie is at my satellite farm Rivendell Miniatures in Victor, Montana now.

dob:  March 5, 2011

photos courtesy of Kristen Cornwell

Natalie's dam is full younger sister to ARMCH Sugar Creek Nate's Patience *D 'E' AR1730, who was the 2006 AGS National Best Udder of Breed.

Even as a first freshener with just a single kid, Natalie had great capacity and her udder texture and ease of milking is to die for according to her previous owner!

Show Wins: 

2013 CVDGA Summer Show:  2nd place - two year old, under Karen Smith; 4th place - two year old, under Jay Rudolph & 5th place - two year old, under Chuck Pedersen.

Kidding History:

03/24/13:  Single buck - sired by Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip *S

02/11/14:  Twin bucks - sired by Babel Brook Acres UFO JazzMan

04/05/15:  Twin does - sired by *B Wren Farm AB Jose 

S: Avian Acres NAT Wally  

SS: + *B MI Sugarcreek MT Sally's Nate + *S 

SD: MI Sugr Creek 5C Boxwood 3*D AR

   D: Avian Acres NAT Cassandra

DS: + *B MI Sugarcreek MT Sally's Nate + *S

 DD: CH AGS South Campus Temperance


Heidi's Mini Acres Reid Sophia

Sophia is at my satellite farm Rivendell Miniatures in Victor, Montana now.

                                                 dob:  May 31, 2012

photo courtesy of Heidi's Mini Acres

                          Sophia is a chocolate and white spotted doe.  

Kidding History:

07/21/14:  Kids sired by *B Wren Farm AB Jose 'VG88'  

05/21/15:  Triplet bucks sired by Shere Country MP Megabyte

03/15/16:  Twin does? sired by Dynamo Ziggzag Yzzman - will DNA test 

S: Heidi's Mini Acres Reid  

SS: AGS NS Tamarack's 

SD: CH AGS Sugar Creek ST Tumble Weed

D: Heidi's Mini Acres Mooette

DS: AGS NS Tamarack's

DD: 1*M GCH AGS Sugar Creek RB Toffee

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