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Pelican Acres Nigerian Dwarf Goats

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Pelican Acres DSL Maverick: 2013 AGS National Grand Champion Senior Buck shown by Tanya Callison of Montana

Pelican Acres TLP Dauntless:  2013 AGS National Reserve Junior Champion Buck shown by Tanya Callison of Montana

ARMCH/GCH SG PELICAN ACRES LPD FERN *M*D EEEV FS90 owned & shown by Jennifer Parrish of Illinois (2nd freshening udder).  Fern made the ADGA Elite Doe list in 2016 in the top 11 at 99%!


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2017: Kids due as early as Feb 2017! I only have a handful of does due this spring and may do a few late spring breedings for fall kids on some of my yearlings.   I don't plan to attend any MN goat shows but do plan to help my satellite farm MT Rivendell do their first goat show in June in Montana!  Looking forward to a fun year ahead of just enjoying family, friends and my small goat herd of fantastic bloodlines and fun colors! 

2016:  Looking forward to our first kids arriving as early as February 5th.  Only have a handful of does due in the beginning of the year since I'm busy with my infant son.  All current goats tested Negative for CAE/CL & Johnes as of January 28, 2016 :)  New stock will come from negative herds or be quarantined & tested. 

2015:  Looking forward to some fantastic kids & more breedings.  Looking forward to hopefully a good number of blue eyes & moonspotted kids born here along with our first opportunity to have a few polled (naturally hornless) kids born as well!  We will be testing the herd of 1 yr & older for CAE again which I expect another year of all negative results.  Might be another busy summer helping out with my in-laws Resort since they are dealing with some major health problems but am hoping to get to at least one goat show in the summer.  As always, feel free to message or call me to chat about goats any time.  Watch our breedings page/for sale page for details.  Facebook is kept up-dated often as well.

2014:  Fire N Ice & Black Tulip both met all requirements for the Superior Genetics designation ranking them in the top 15% of Nigerians for Type/Production!!  Fire N Ice is the dam to Pelican Acres DSL Maverick AGS 2013 National Champ Buck & dam to Pelican Acres LPD Fern who is now a permanent Grand Champ as a first freshener with a milk star on the way!  Black Tulip is the sire to Pelican Acres TLP Dauntless 2013 AGS National Reserve Champion Junior Buck & a current young buck Oakley that I still own.  I did some major selling with the intentions of selling all goats this year but had 2 does & a buckling that I couldn't part with.  In August I has the itch to get breedings going so I can have kids in the spring again so my satellite farm in Montana that I work with has been a naughty enabler and is sent me 5 does bred to the bucks of my choice which arrived in mid-October ;)  So Pelican Acres will keep producing more superb eye catching Nigerians for all to enjoy!

2013:  Pelican Acres DSL Maverick wins 2013 AGS National Grand Champion Buck!!  One of his daughters won 1st place in her class at nationals.  AND Pelican Acres TLP Dauntless wins 2013 AGS National Reserve Junior Champion Buck!! 

We attended the National Goat Expo with 3 bucks and 1 sr doe.  They all did great, Old Mountain Farm Black Tulip won first place in all his classes, TX Twincreeks SEM Fire N Ice won first in all her classes and Pelican Acres LPD Stryker placed 3rd in his class!

2012:  Fantastic kids born this year!!  Lots of great bloodlines & beautiful colors!!  My venture into he moonspot pattern has been so exciting with a lot of really beautiful patterns!!   We have teamed up with Rivendell Miniature's & are offering delivery yearly between Minnesota/Montana. receives right of first refusal on all of my available stock & vice versa.  I am planning to show at the ADGA 2013 National competition in July at St. Paul, Minnesota and at the Goat Expo in Sept in Illinois!! 

2011:  Kidding took place in Feb, March& one in Dec.  We had 18 healthy bouncing kids born.   Thanks to everyone who has purchased from me this year.  We tested 5 goats for TB & Brucellosis that all tested Negative before they could be delivered over to Montana :)   Everyone seemed to really enjoy our barn camera that could be viewed over the internet.  I have a lot of great breedings lined up with fall!  I added a lot of really great goats to the herd this year and am really looking forward to seeing what they can produce!  Showing has been great thus far!  Pelican Acres DSL Valentine won Reserve Champion on June 4th.  Pelican Acres TNK Josie was so close to winning Reserve Champ at the Mora show. My 5 yr old son Riley won 1st place trophy for goat costume class as train engineers, 1st place trophy for peewee showmanship, & Outstanding Goat Exhibitor of the year at the St. Louis County Fair!!!  I'm so proud of him!!

2010:  What a great year for us!  We had 2 sets of triplets, 5 sets of twins and 3 singles born.  Our herd tested CAE negative.  We also had the opportunity to particpate in the American Dairy Goat Associations Linear Appraisal which resulted with really great scores!  All of my senior does scored between 80 to 89--& I'm pretty confident that some of those scores would have been in the 90's if the does were being hand milked instead of still nursing kids!  My juniors also received a lot of really great comments.  John White was the appraiser & I learned so much from him!

2009:  Another great year, we ended up with 4 Grand Champion show wins & 3 Reserve Champion wins!! 

We are located on beautiful Pelican Lake in Orr, Minnesota with Deer Lodge Resort.  We are  devoted to raising purebred Nigerian Dwarf goats close to conformation with outstanding personalities and incredible genetics.  We are family run.  My name is Karen, I do the record keeping, feeding, grooming, showing, disease prevention, & midwife work.  My husband Rich is always clearing trees/working on the fences & playing with the animals..I occasionally force him into the showring to help out ;)  Our 6 year old son Riley enjoys playing with and feeding the animals--he is a very big helper.  He even competed in a few goat shows and has numberous ribbons, a few medallions & 2 goat trophies!  We are devoted to raising healthy animals and educating the public about our incredible goats.  Our herd is CAE negative & we've never had an abscess on any of our goats.  I am a member of the American Dairy Goat Association & am registered through the Minnesota Board of Animal Health as a part of teh National Scrapie Eradication Program.  Feel free to browse our website & ask any questions :) 

Karen Las  (218)757-3246  [email protected]


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